Unified protection for the
data-driven enterprise

Fast and personalized data access for multi-compute, multi-format, multi-storage data lakes.

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Define all your data access
policies in a single place

Access control allows analysts, data scientists, and data engineers to access data with any tool they like. Define all your access policies through a single platform and ensure access is always enforced transparently and consistently

Define sophisticated, personalized data access policies

Access control is at the core of data governance and security - it’s crucial for complying with emerging privacy regulation. and it must be implemented uniformly across a data lake’s diverse data formats and analytic engines. Okera helps you meet the toughest of regulatory requirements, and it also helps analysts, data scientists, and data engineers access only the data they need using any tool they want. Okera’s Active Data Access Platform allows data stewards to define and enforce fine-grained access control policies across multiple analytic compute engines and multiple storage systems.

Fine-grained protection

Data consumers require access to data at different levels of granularity that change over time. Managing these policy changes ad hoc across multiple tools without a centralized system leads to security gaps and limits business agility. Okera is a single platform you can use to define and enforce access at scalar granularity with column-, row-, and cell-level restrictions. Expand data protection with on-the-fly with masking, tokenization, redaction, and anonymization capabilities, as well as dynamic permissions per user.

Dynamic functions in views

Okera puts an end to complicated access control view administration by letting you define dynamic policies that are evaluated just-in-time. In addition, you can integrate dynamic functions, such as Hive UDFs, into your access policies. This capability helps create more efficient policy management by allowing security teams to easily administer policies with varied complexity through a single platform. With Okera, you can also create fine-grained, personalized views of data for each user based on their unique data access requirements.

Universal access policy enforcement

Data-driven organizations must empower their analysts to try new tools when they want to, or risk limiting their agility which compromises the value of your data lake. Okera neutralizes common blockers to allowing new analytic tools by enforcing access policies just below the compute layer. This means analysts can try best-of-breed tools easily and securely, reducing the burden on the platform teams.