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Fast, personalized data access control for multi-compute, multi-format, multi-storage data lakes.

Enforce transparent and consistent data access control policies

Okera’s Policy Engine allows data stewards, data owners, and governance professionals to easily define and manage complex data-centric data access control policies. These policies are then applied on-the-fly by Okera in a centralized platform and ensure access is always enforced transparently and consistently and without any performance penalty.

Define sophisticated, personalized data access control policies

Okera’s Active Data Access Platform allows data stewards and governance professionals to define and enforce fine-grained access policies across multiple analytic compute engines and multiple storage systems.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for simplicity

Role-based access control lets you control data access based on user roles. Okera allows you to leverage your LDAP directory and authentication services, such as Microsoft Active Directory, Kerberos, Okta, and so on, to manage access rights based upon groups already defined.

Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) for scale

Attribute-based access control lets you control data access through policies. ABAC makes it easy to assign access policies with tags, ensuring that policies are linked to business and regulatory context to enrich data sets with business context. 

Data Obfuscation for Differential Privacy

Sensitive data can be dynamically protected using obfuscation functions including anonymization, pseudonymization, redaction, and masking. This allows you to achieve Differential Privacy so that no individual can be identified.