Session Abstract:

DataOps is the application of DevOps concepts to data. The DataOps Manifesto outlines WHAT that means, similar to how the Agile Manifesto outlines the goals of the Agile Software movement. But, as the demand for data governance has increased, and the demand to do “more with less” and be more agile has put more pressure on data teams, we all need more guidance on HOW to manage all this. Seeing that need, a small group of industry thought leaders and practitioners got together and created the #TrueDataOps philosophy to describe the best way to deliver DataOps by defining the core pillars that must underpin a successful approach. We will discuss the challenges organizations face today and how #TrueDataOps is allowing organizations to indeed balance these seemingly unattainable goals while still delivering value at scale.


  • Kent Graziano | Owner & Chief Strategic Advisor | Data Warrior, LLC
  • Justin Mullins | CEO |