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Okera answers the important questions about who is using your data and for what purposes, so you can feel confident that least privilege access is being adhered to.

Comprehensive Audit of All Activity

Every action on data or metadata – whether it be a query request or a change in policy – that goes through Okera is captured in our audit logs. These logs remain consistent for every tool accessing the data lake. Audit data is persisted as JSON files, which can be integrated with SIEM tools like Splunk or Sumologic for real-time monitoring and data breach alerts.

Built-In Reporting to Answer Important Questions

Okera provides a number of reports in the UI that answer questions such as:
  • What data is being accessed in the lake, especially sensitive data?
  • Which users have accessed sensitive data?
  • Which tools are accessing the sensitive data and how much did they read?
  • Are my policies maintaining least privilege?

User-Centric Auditing

For any given user, data stewards can drill down into their specific activity to get precise, actionable detail that can spell the difference between normal and suspect access patterns.

Reports and
Just-In-Time Insights To Manage Least Privilege

Monitor access to the data lake and proactively deter any potential breaches with Okera’s Access Review reporting, which offers insights into which users are not currently using data they may have access to, in order to help maintain least privilege.

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