AWS Data Lake Platform

Okera delivers the first fine-grained data access control for both structured and unstructured data on Amazon S3 data lakes, allowing you to achieve agility while enforcing data security and governance.

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AWS Data Lake Stakeholder Benefits

Agility Governance
Data consumers

Data consumers, including data scientists, data analysts, and BI professionals, get fast and secure access to data without any change in the analytic tool they are most comfortable with.

Data owners

Date owners get an easy way to publish datasets and thereafter get visibility into how the data is being used.

Data stewards

Data Stewards define and enforce access policies centrally at a fine-grained level, understand access levels, as well as audit historical data access activity.

Okera delivers transparent and dynamic enforcement of policies across every tool being used by analysts, data scientists, and data engineers, whether for structured or unstructured data. And it scales from gigabytes to petabyte data lake workloads.

Okera Automated Schema Registry ends the hassle of publishing and indexing data for producers and consumers. It automatically integrates your data natively with all popular analytics tools to provide an enterprise-wide view across all your data in AWS data lakes.

Okera’s Policy Engine allows data stewards, data owners, and governance professionals to easily define and manage complex data-centric access policies. These policies are then applied on-the-fly by Okera in a centralized platform and ensure access is always enforced transparently and consistently and without any performance penalty.

Okera' Audit Engine consolidates all user activity to simplify auditing, reporting and regulatory compliance. It includes built-in analytics and integrates with SIEM tools to deliver powerful access and governance capabilities.

“To date, many organizations have not realized the full potential of their data lake architecture, partially due to problems in administering appropriate access controls and policy. Okera aims to address this challenge, ultimately allowing for higher potential ROI of informational assets.”
- Paige Bartley, Senior Analyst for Data, AI & Analytics, at 451 Research.

Okera Deploys Agnostically within AWS