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Azure Data Lake Platform - Access Control & Governance

Okera solves one of the biggest challenges with heterogeneous, multi-vendor data platforms at scale on Azure: opening data access for innovation while ensuring proper governance and compliance.

Azure Data Lake Platform

Okera solves one of the biggest challenges with heterogeneous, multi-vendor data platforms at scale on Azure: opening data access for innovation while ensuring proper governance and compliance.

Product Overview

Without the ability to scale governance, enterprises are limited in what they can do with new data platform technologies, or else they run the risk of security and governance controls falling short. Okera solves this problem by delivering fine-grained data access control for both structured and unstructured data on Azure data lakes.

Okera Active Data Access Platform for Azure Data Lakes

The Okera Active Data Access Platform consists of the Data Access Service and Catalog Services. Catalog Services include Automated Schema Registry, Policy Engine, and Audit Engine. The platform is modular and exposes standard APIs, allowing data platform teams to easily integrate it within their environment, but also use other services as they see fit.

Data Access Service

Okera transparently and dynamically enforces policies for the Azure data lake platform - whether for structured or unstructured data - across every tool used by analysts, data scientists, and data engineers. It can scale from gigabytes to petabyte data lake workloads.

Automated Schema Registry

Okera’s Automated Schema Registry ends the hassle of publishing and indexing data for producers and consumers. It automatically integrates your data natively with all popular analytics tools to provide an enterprise-wide view across all your data in Azure data lakes.

Policy Engine

Okera’s Policy Engine allows data stewards, data owners, and governance professionals to easily define and manage complex data-centric access policies. These policies are then applied on-the-fly by Okera in a centralized Azure data lake platform and ensure access is always enforced transparently and consistently and without any performance penalty.

Audit Engine

Okera's Audit Engine consolidates all user activity to simplify auditing, reporting and regulatory compliance. It includes built-in analytics and integrates with SIEM tools to deliver powerful access and governance capabilities.

Who benefits from Okera?

Benefits of using Okera to power an Azure data lake
Using Okera’s Active Data Access Platform for access control and governance of your Azure-based data lake enables you to solve the technical challenges that can arise when scaling its usage, allowing you to extract value from your data lake in an agile and responsible manner.

Powerful Data Protection

Okera provides a single place to store and enforce access policies, delivering fine-grained data access control with dynamic anonymization, tokenization, masking, and redaction across both structured and unstructured data.


Complete Flexibility

Okera delivers powerful and easy-to-use abstractions and APIs to make data consumers more productive with their tools of choice, whether native Azure or partner services.


Unmatched Visibility

Okera imparts detailed visibility and insight into user and data access activity. Confidently scale the usage of your Azure data lake knowing that proper governance will always be in place.

Who Benefits from Using Okera?



Data Owners
Data Stewards



Data Consumers
Data consumers, including data scientists, data analysts, and BI professionals, get fast and secure access to data without any change in the analytic tool they are most comfortable with.
Data Owners
Date owners get an easy way to publish datasets and thereafter get visibility into how the data is being used.
Data Stewards
Data Stewards define and enforce access policies centrally at a fine-grained level, understand access levels, as well as audit historical data access activity.
“Okera’s unified platform to manage access control at different granularities for both structured and unstructured data will help Azure data lake customers get more value out of their data faster, while staying ahead of regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.”
– Paul Maher, General Manager, Industry Experiences at Microsoft.
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Okera at AWS re:Invent

After a successful exhibition at last year’s re:Invent following our company’s public launch, Okera is delighted to announce our attendance at AWS re:Invent 2019. We’ll be showcasing the latest enhancements to our data security and governance platform, as well as debuting our exciting new product for data lake visibility and insights, with live demonstrations at booth #3329 in the Venetian Expo Hall.The Okera Active Data Access Platform enables the management of data access and governance for today’s multi-format, multi-tool data environments. Core components include data discovery, access control and policy building, and audit capabilities. When using Okera to actively manage fine-grained access control in a flexible and agile manner, data producers, consumers, and stewards can unlock the power of their data for innovation and growth.

Okera Spotlight: New Product now in Beta

We have been working hard on a new product that we believe will be a game-changer in the Big Data industry. If you need real-time visibility into lake activity – to understand which users are querying which datasets and through which applications, regardless of analytics tool – you will love this new product, called Okera Spotlight.“At Okera, we put the customer first, always. So we listened when our customers told us they needed greater visibility into the usage and access patterns of their data lake, a single tool that could monitor every actionable activity across their data lake in real time,” said Nong Li, CEO of Okera. “We’re excited to demo Okera Spotlight publicly for the first time at AWS re:Invent.”If you’re interested in learning more before the event, you can sign up now to take part in the beta. Otherwise you can see it in a demo at booth #3329.Don’t have your conference badge yet? You can use our code RE19Spo for $100 off the Full Conference Pass price (limited time offer, while supplies last).We look forward to seeing you there.