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Okera in the News: Intellyx

Check out our latest media coverage by Intellyx “Okera: Helping Enterprises Strike the Balance Between Agility and Data Governance
Written by Charles Araujo, Principal Analyst at Intellyx. Charles is the author of three books and has published over 100 articles. He has been a regular contributor to both InformationWeek and CIO Insight Magazine.

Intellyx is an analyst firm focused on agile digital transformation who are dedicated to providing the vision, the business case, and the architecture for agile digital transformation initiatives.
Intellyx had this to say about Okera:
“The company’s solution essentially abstracts the data compute and consumption from data storage and inserts a layer of governance and control in between. Despite adding this layer, the solution can actually improve performance by optimizing data access and using what it calls views to provide dynamic data access within a single abstraction.” Read the full story here