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Cloud Migration and Adoption

Ensure fine-grained access control and data security as you migrate to the cloud

Enterprises want to take advantage of the cost-savings, flexibility, and new business opportunities offered by cloud computing and advanced analytics. But at the same time, they need to be sure to protect their sensitive data. Built-in access control solutions offered by the cloud vendors are rarely extensive enough to satisfy all of the enterprise’s possible needs, not when a data breach comes with such high consequences.

The Okera platform unifies and actively manages data access across hybrid and multi-cloud, multi-storage and multi-tool environments, reducing the friction between data governance and business agility for all involved stakeholders.

Easily register data across disparate data sources

Enterprise data platforms often contain data from many different sources, including object storage, data warehouses, and legacy databases that have yet to be migrated or are serving a unique use case. Okera can serve as a unified metastore to provide visibility into all of the organization’s data, regardless of migration status, along with an understanding of the full extent of sensitive data that exists.

Define data access policies from one place

Build a solid foundation for policy management, beyond the basic capabilities of IAM roles, with Okera’s intuitive visual policy builder that allows complex policies to be written without code. The platform’s API-first design was built to support the multitude of analytics tools and frameworks in the modern data-driven enterprise, with policies applied consistently across every tool.

Enforce scalable, fine-grained access control for advanced analytics

Okera allows data stewards to leverage the flexibility and power of attribute-based access control (ABAC) to scale their policies across petabyte-sized data lakes. Conditions supported by the policy builder include access restrictions applied at many levels of granularity, data transformations such as masking and tokenization, and row filtering.

Understand user adoption and access patterns for the data lake

Okera’s audit log captures every action on both data and metadata, reported consistently across every tool that is accessing the data lake, to streamline the process of generating compliance reports. Understand how data is being used – which users are most active, which users are accessing sensitive data, which tags are being accessed the most, and even drill down into specific detail for any individual user.