Accelerate data delivery.

Modern data security is the surprising secret to delivering more data, to more users, faster and in compliance with privacy regulations.

So you have a modern data analytics platform.

Why is it still so hard to get data to the people who need it?

We’ve been talking about unleashing the power of data and data democratization for decades now.

And we’ve made massive advancements in analytic processing, performance, distributed stewardship, and usability.

It’s now time to implement modern data security so the entire business can move faster.

The Three Pillars of Modern Data Security

As a data professional, your job is to build data products that can be used to find opportunities for growth and positive change.

It is your responsibility to make sure that the business can use sensitive data responsibly.

This can seem impractical given the nature of modern data: high volume, variety, and velocity.

But it is possible and Okera’s customers are proving it. Okera data security gives you:


Enforce fine-grained data access policies (FGAC) consistently across your cloud data platforms.

Automate and standardize with attribute-based access control (ABAC).


Reduce the stress of security clearance and regulatory pressures.

Non-technical data stakeholders can collaborate on data access control policies and self-serve their own reports.

Economy of Scale

Okera policies are platform-agnostic!

Quickly and easily secure and onboard sensitive data to keep pace with more users and new use cases.

We wanted it to be seamless. We wanted people to keep working. Query time should be the same.

Okera was the first to present a viable solution.

Doron Porat

Data Infra Group Leader, Yotpo - eCommerce Marketing Platform

We got security approval to use confidential and highly confidential data because of the way we’re governing the data with Okera. 

With that, we can expand the use cases we surface through analytics to give a 360° view of our business that we weren’t able to do before.

Software Engineering Manager, Membership organization with 18,000 international employees

Prior to Okera, data authorizations were organic and inconsistent. Okera helps us bring everything to the center.

Nate Weisz

Senior Director of Data Management, FINRA - Financial Industry Regulatory Authority


In this informative and entertaining keynote, Doron Porat shares her team’s experience building an open data platform and sets out a vision for the future.

Learn More About Okera Data Security

Okera enhances your data security posture in a way that is easy to implement and sustain for the long-term.

Learn more about Okera’s key capabilities.

Discover & Classify Sensitive Data

Automatically find and classify sensitive data so you can control and manage it.

Classify Sensitive Data

Collaborate on Policy Development

Stop guessing. Allow data stakeholders to validate that policies are implemented as they intend.

Policy Management

Consistently Enforce Policies

Okera does the heavy lifting to enforce data access policies consistently across your cloud data platforms.

Policy Enforcement

Audit & Analyze Data Usage

Track your performance and let privileged stakeholders self-serve their own audit reports and data usage dashboards.

Audit & Data Usage Intelligence