Control your data. Unblock the business.

Remotely control and monitor who has access to confidential, PII, and regulated data so you can minimize data security risk, ease regulatory pressure, and propel the business forward

Pro Tip for Security Professionals:

“When external attacks decline, consider insider activities. The only constant is change.”

Shane Shook | Security and Information Governance, Forgepoint Capital Venture Partner


of U.S. employees are over-provisioned
Increase in insider threat incidents between 2020-2022
Average resolution cost per insider threat incident

Complexity is the Enemy of Security.

As a security professional, you know that people ignore controls that are hard to use and maintain.

Minimize risk by minimizing complexity. Okera data security gives you:


Enforce fine-grained data access policies consistently across your cloud data platforms.


Reduce the stress of regulatory pressure with clear data access control policies and self-serve reports.

Economy of Scale

Quickly and easily secure and onboard sensitive data to keep pace with more users and new use cases.

Suspect a Breach?

Think of Okera as a breaker panel, allowing you to immediately and temporarily disable access to your analytics data.

If you suspect credentials have been compromised, you simply “flip the switch” in Okera. To return to business-as-usual, switch the policies back on. Managing access with Okera is easy and effective.

Play Defense and Offense

Data security is not a cost center.

Defend sensitive data against unauthorized and inappropriate access, while opening up more data to more users for rich analytics.

Play offense. Only with proper data security can you make more data available to more users, faster, and in compliance with your own security mandates and privacy regulations.

Learn more about Offense and Defense in this iconic Harvard Business Review article: What’s Your Data Strategy?

It’s super simple.

Zero access. That’s where you start. Then the whole exercise is to find the way to give access.

Jonathan Sander

Security Field CTO, Snowflake

In some cases security can be death by a thousand cuts. There’s little bits of pain all over the place.

We couldn’t have made this level of improvement without Okera.

Aaron Carreras

VP, Enterprise Data Platforms and Transparency Services Technology, FINRA

We got security approval to use confidential and highly confidential data because of the way we’re governing the data with Okera. 

With that, we can expand the use cases we surface through analytics to give a 360° view of our business that we weren’t able to do before.

Software Engineering Manager, Membership organization with 18,000 international employees

Now that we have this modern data platform secured with Okera, we deliver new data products and applications very quickly.

Data Engineer, E-Commerce Automation Company

How Data Security Unblocks the Business

Learn how Okera partners Snowflake and Alation proved how implementing the CDMC Framework unblocks their customers so they can now feel confident migrating and using sensitive data in the cloud.

Learn More About Okera Data Security

Okera enhances your data security posture in a way that is easy to implement and sustain for the long-term.

Learn more about Okera’s key capabilities.

Discover & Classify Sensitive Data

Automatically find and classify sensitive data so you can control and manage it.

Classify Sensitive Data

Collaborate on Policy Development

As a primary stakeholder, validate that policies are implemented as you intend.

Policy Management

Consistently Enforce Policies

Be confident that Okera enforces policies consistently across your cloud data platforms.

Policy Enforcement

Audit & Analyze Data Usage

Self-serve your own audit and sensitive data usage reports and dashboards.

Audit & Data Usage Intelligence