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Sophisticated data access governance, reporting and analytics capabilities that enhance enterprise structured and unstructured data quality and security.

Scalable Data Access Governance

Our Audit Engine provides structured and unstructured data governance and reporting capabilities. Okera consolidates all user activity and simplifies your auditing and reporting processes. Audit Engine includes built-in analytics and integrates with SIEM tools to deliver powerful data access and data governance capabilities.

Simplify compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and more using Okera’s auditing and reporting capabilities. Monitor all user activity from a single interface to power enterprise-wide auditing. Okera includes built-in analytics and integrates with external tools to enable sophisticated data governance capabilities.

Comprehensive Audit Logs

Enterprises rely on Okera to deliver comprehensive visibility into all data across every compute engine in a single location. Okera captures audit logs for 100% of user activity from any tool, including: Databricks, R, Hive, Spark, Python, Amazon EMR, Tableau, and more. Auditors and data stewards can monitor and review data consumption for every user, no matter what tool a user accesses data from. Okera also makes it easy to redact sensitive data from audit logs, and supports group-based audit log access control.

Built-in Analytics for Compliance & Security

Data stewards and security officers need to know who’s accessing sensitive data to ensure compliance and identify any potential risks. Okera automatically tracks important usage metrics like ‘top users of sensitive data’ or ‘most popular datasets’ out of the box. You can drill-down to individual audit events to get precise, actionable detail that spells the difference between normal and suspect access patterns.

SIEM Tool Integration

Businesses that manage sensitive data must observe corporate, industry and regulatory requirements, ranging from protecting PII to demonstrating compliance with GDPR, CCPA and other regulations. Okera’s auditing capability expands the breadth of your governance initiatives when integrated with SIEM tools. You can also use Okera’s audit logging to drive advanced analytics for threat detection.

Automated Enterprise Reporting

Delivering comprehensive reporting across multiple analytic tools in your data lake can be a time-consuming and error-prone process in the enterprise. Okera’s automated reporting provides a unified view of data usage for all analytic tools, and can highlight sensitive data use to improve overall data security.