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Simplify data access control for Snowflake

No database view explosion or role bloat to contain. No more data extracts to manage. Okera provides dynamic row-level security and fine-grained access control for BI and analytics on Snowflake.

Maximize the value of the Snowflake Data Cloud while protecting regulated, sensitive, and personal data with safe data access control for Snowflake


Dynamically apply user-appropriate row-level filters, data masking, and de-identification techniques at the point of query to comply with data privacy regulations and security mandates.


All data access policies can be managed and enforced in one place, instead of synchronizing data access controls across disparate end-user BI tools and Snowflake.


Define user entitlements as human-readable data governance policies. Leverage user attribute data from external systems to build access policies and eliminate unmanageable view explosion and role bloat.


All data access requests are automatically logged for every individual user, down to the exact query, timestamp, access method, data attributes including sensitivity level, and whether requests are approved or denied.

How it Works

By pushing down authorized queries through the JDBC Gateway, Okera simplifies, standardizes, and dynamically enforces row-based filtering and fine-grained access control policies consistently for all dashboarding, reporting, and similar SQL query tools accessing data in Snowflake. Unlike some alternatives, Okera’s universal data authorization solution actually gets easier to use over time as you add more users, datasets, and use cases. Learn more about how Okera provides secure access control policies for Snowflake and more.

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