Secure the modern data stack.

Support distributed data teams with a centralized, enterprise-scale data access governance platform.

Avoid False Starts

Data access governance and security is cross-cutting.

Okera provides enterprise-grade data security to support distributed teams that use a variety of data cloud, data lake, and lakehouse architectures.

Without a holistic approach, you can waste a lot of time and suffer false starts.

Okera performs at big data scale.

Okera offers a convenient way to enforce data access policies across a variety of data platforms.

But that alone is not enough. Okera data security gives you:


Okera’s platform-agnostic policies are enforceable on your cloud data platform, data lake, and lakehouse.


Works smarter and faster with Okera’s web-based UI that allows all data stakeholders to collaborate.

Economy of Scale

Quickly and easily secure and onboard sensitive data to keep pace with more users and new use cases.

Do you recognize these problems at your company?


IAM Roles are Over-Privileged

Your data lake has become a data swamp and you have hundreds to thousands of IAM roles. IAM roles are over-provisioned, accessing more tables than most employees need.

Why are IAM roles over-privileged? Because managing IAM roles is arcane and complex and IT sometimes chooses the path of least resistance, trusting that employees are equipped to use data responsibly.


Coarse-Grained Access Control

With the separation of storage and compute, data security is often implemented at the file or bucket level.

Here are some examples of how coarse-grained access control is both insufficient and complex:

  • Granular access policies are constrained with AWS S3 bucket policy limits
  • Account teams self-manage their own buckets resulting in custom, one off policies
  • Tables change physical locations which adds complexity in managing access
Complexity in Policy

Lack of Visibility

Seventy-five percent of security breaches coming from employees and the red flag often comes after the breach. How? More often than not, copies of data sets are emailed or sent with zero traceability. If it has pii or confidential data, it is vulnerable to accidental copy/paste or an accidental message attachment.

It’s more important than ever to monitor users’ data access behaviors.

Analyzing user data access can help build policies to reduce over-privileged access.

Detecting anomalies on data access can prevent data breaches and leaks before it’s too late.

Prior to Okera, data authorizations were organic and inconsistent. Okera helps us bring everything to the center.

Nate Weisz

Senior Director of Data Management, FINRA - Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

We wanted it to be seamless. We wanted people to keep working. Query time should be the same.

Okera was the first to present a viable solution.

Doron Porat

Data Infra Group Leader, Yotpo - eCommerce Marketing Platform

We were very impressed with the support Okera provided in the evaluation phase and how quickly they helped us migrate to a production environment. Now we can expand our data lake without worrying about access control or meeting any governance and regulatory challenges.

VP of IT , F500 healthcare company

Learn More About Okera Data Security

Okera enhances your data security posture in a way that is easy to implement and sustain for the long-term.

Learn more about Okera’s key capabilities.

Discover & Classify Sensitive Data

Find and classify sensitive data so you can control and manage it.

Classify Sensitive Data

Collaborate on Policy Development

Allow all data stakeholder to validate that policies are implemented as they intend.

Policy Management

Consistently Enforce Policies

Be confident that Okera enforces policies consistently across your cloud data platforms.

Policy Enforcement

Audit & Analyze Data Usage

Allow stakeholders to self-serve their own audit and sensitive data usage reports and dashboards.

Audit & Data Usage Intelligence