Okera Policy Builder enables data stewards and governance teams to easily create and manage fine-grained access control policies

San Francisco, CA, August 21, 2019Okera, the leading active data management company for data lake security and governance, today announced the Okera Policy Builder, a new feature of the company’s data lake security and governance platform that enables data stewards and governance teams to easily create and manage fine-grained access control (FGAC) policies. With the Okera Policy Builder, enterprises can better protect their data and ensure regulatory compliance by enabling those who understand data access requirements to easily implement and manage the policies consistently across the organization.

Policy management workflow has traditionally been a painful experience for most data stewards and data security and governance teams, often requiring the involvement of system admins or engineers to actually run the policies. This limits the ability to get a comprehensive view of access policies across the enterprise and leads to workflow chokepoints and greater potential for errors and inconsistency — and altogether impossible to manage at scale.

The Okera Policy Builder enables data stewards and governance teams, who are responsible for the organizations’ data access requirements, to easily create and manage access policies using natural language prompts and drop-down selection. This ensures the consistent, accurate application of access control policies across the organization. The Okera Policy Builder also includes easy verification of policy creation, as well as comprehensive auditing of the policies in place and usage of the data.

Paige Bartley, Senior Analyst for Data, AI & Analytics, at 451 Research. “Okera’s goal to enable data stewards and other governance professionals to use a simple visual workflow to directly manage fine-grained access control is a meaningful step forward in enabling enterprises to reduce the risk of compliance violations and data breaches, while still maximizing the business value of data.”

“The complexity and limitations of today’s workflow management solutions mean those who are closest to the data can’t implement and track the policies, which increases security and compliance risks,” said Nong Li, Okera CEO and co-founder. “Okera’s Policy Builder enables data stewards and governance teams to easily create and manage fine-grained access controls, ensuring consistency, reducing errors, and enabling the enterprise to better protect its data and comply with evolving privacy regulations.”

Key features and benefits of the Okera Policy Builder

  • Visual policy definition with natural language prompts: Empowers data stewards to create, assign, and manage regulation-grade, fine-grained access policies based on business context such as “sales data” and “personally-identifiable information” rather than technical terminology.
  • Graphical verification of policies: Enables at-a-glance review of petabyte-scale access policies without needing to understanding SQL.
  • Comprehensive auditing of policies and access grants: Provides single-pane-of-glass forensics to facilitate internal audits and compliance reviews.

Okera is a technology-agnostic layer that exists between data lakes of petabyte-scale and any connected analytics tools and frameworks. As a result, Okera facilitates the provisioning, access, governance, and auditing of data across multi-data format and multi-tool environments. Okera ensures data platform teams maintain data protection at scale while data scientists and analysts achieve faster time to access, eliminating the trade-off between agility and governance.

Learn more at www.okera.com and contactsales@okera.com to request a demo.

About Okera

Okera enables the management of data access and governance at scale for today’s modern cloud data lakes. Built on the belief that companies can do more with their data, Okera’s Active Data Access Platform (ODAP) enables scalable fine-grained data protection and visibility on data lakes for both structured and unstructured data. This allows agility and governance to co-exist and gives data consumers, owners and stewards the confidence to unlock the power of their data for innovation and growth. Enterprise organizations receive immediate value from Okera which can be implemented and deployed in less than a day. Okera is headquartered in San Francisco and is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Felicis Ventures, and Capital One Growth Ventures. Learn more at www.okera.com or contact us at info@okera.com.