Okera announced today version 2.0 of its secure data access platform. The new version uses machine learning to enhance the automatic discovery of sensitive data such as social security numbers and credit card numbers so that organizations are able to protect their consumers’ data and comply with data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. With a visual policy builder, Okera’s secure data access platform allows data owners and stewards to easily create policies that can be enforced dynamically now on Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 in addition to the previously available support of ADLS Gen1 and Amazon S3. Okera is further enhancing its ecosystems by adding support for AWS Glue Data Catalog.

“We continue to see data lake traffic grow among our customer base but have observed even larger growth in the number of users using data lakes for analytics and machine learning. As more users access data, it is becoming increasingly important for enterprises to know what data exists in their lake and how to create policies and protect access to their sensitive data at scale. With every release, Okera strives to improve customer experience and scalability,” said Nong Li, Okera CEO and co-founder.

Data Lake Security at Scale

Okera has enhanced data lake security by automating data discovery and enabling visual policy creation and large scale enforcement of secure data access policies including:

  • Continuous tagging and automatic discovery of sensitive data using machine learning to ensure that sensitive data is protected as soon as it enters the data lake. Continuous tagging ensures that not only the existing catalog but new raw data is tagged and sensitive data discovered on an ongoing basis.
  • The visual policy builder has been enhanced further to make it easier for data owners and stewards to create data access policies based on roles and attributes and automatically detects policy conflicts to protect against accidental privilege escalation.
  • Enforce fine-grained access control and industry-leading support for consent management and right-to-erasure required by privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.
  • Support for Hive Bucketing resulting in efficient joins for big datasets and improved query performance.

Growing Ecosystem Support

Okera continues to make it easier for its customers by adding support for many big data analytics products and services including Azure ADLS Gen2 and AWS Glue.

  • Okera’s support for ADLS Gen2 will help companies as they adopt ADLS Gen2 to converge the world of object storage and hierarchical file storage.
  • Okera’s integration with the AWS Glue Data Catalog ensures that Okera leverages all of the metadata stores available in AWS Glue.
  • Okera already integrates with a variety of popular BI tools including Tableau, Power BI, and Looker as well as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools such as Splunk and SumoLogic.