Okera support for native Snowflake governance features makes it easier for joint customers to identify PII and obtain deeper insight into how data is being used

SAN FRANCISCO — November 16, 2021 — Okera, the Universal Data Authorization company, today announced it has joined the Data Governance Accelerated program from Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. By integrating with two new native Snowflake governance features, the Okera Dynamic Access Platform (ODAP) will make it easier for joint customers to manage personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive information, as well as obtain deeper insight into how data is being used.

Okera empowers enterprises to accelerate business agility, minimize data security risks, and demonstrate regulatory compliance. ODAP automatically authorizes and audits all data requests with consistent dynamic data security and compliance enforcement across all data platforms in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Snowflake’s Data Cloud provides advanced global data governance capabilities, including object tagging, access history, and row access policies.

Native Snowflake Governance Features Supported in Okera

Snowflake Object Tagging

Snowflake enables users to apply business context tags that identify data objects as sensitive, PII, or belonging to a cost center. These tags will now be automatically synced in Okera and made available to the Okera platform for policy building.

Snowflake Access History

Access History is a view that helps customers understand who’s accessing data and how it’s being used, satisfying compliance audits, performance and storage optimization. Okera will incorporate Snowflake’s Access History data into the Okera platform to provide additional security context for Snowflake data, including what tags are being used and by whom. With this data, Okera will give customers the ability to look at data residing within Snowflake and across other platforms.

“In a hybrid and multi-cloud world, no single vendor can solve every enterprise’s data challenges, so technology companies must step up and work together to provide the solutions customers need to reach their specific data goals,” said John Marchese, Okera’s Vice President of Global Alliances & Partner Sales Channels. “Our partnership with Snowflake is a perfect example of connecting two great technologies at a fundamental level to deliver new capabilities that solve some of today’s most difficult data governance and security challenges, including identifying PII and gaining deeper insight into how data is being used across a distributed infrastructure.”

“At Snowflake, we recognize the importance of balancing data access and governance with the need to ensure that data still remains agile for insights,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake. “We’re excited to see partners like Okera take advantage of our data governance features to extend the powerful capabilities and benefits of Snowflake’s Data Cloud and provide a better end-user experience.”

Read more about the new integrated features on the Okera blog.

About Okera

Okera, the Universal Data Authorization company, helps modern, data-driven enterprises accelerate innovation, minimize data security risks, and demonstrate regulatory compliance. The Okera Dynamic Access Platform automatically enforces universal fine-grained access control policies. This allows employees, customers, and partners to use data responsibly, while protecting them from inappropriately accessing data that is confidential, personally identifiable, or regulated. Okera’s robust audit capabilities and data usage intelligence deliver the real-time and historical information that data security, compliance, and data delivery teams need to respond quickly to incidents, optimize processes, and analyze the performance of enterprise data initiatives.

Okera began development in 2016 and now dynamically authorizes access to hundreds of petabytes of sensitive data for the world’s most demanding F100 companies and regulatory agencies. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, ClearSky Security, and Felicis Ventures. For more information, visit www.okera.com or contact info@okera.com, or connect with the team on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.