O’Reilly and Cloudera recognize Okera among the most innovative data-driven startups at 2019 Strata Data Conference San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, March 29, 2019Okera, the leading active data management company for data lake security and governance, has been named the winner in the Most Disruptive Startup category of the annual Strata Data Awards. The winners were announced during the keynote on March 28th at the 2019 Strata Data Conference in San Francisco.

“There’s still a pervasive, but misguided, enterprise notion that securing data at the source is somehow contrary to achieving data-driven objectives, such as analytics. But granular access controls are an elemental part to deriving insight from information, such as ensuring that the right people have access to the right data in broad self-service initiatives,” said Paige Bartley, senior analyst, data management, 451 Research. “Centrally-managed access controls actually facilitate the fluid use of information for business insight as more and more knowledge workers become consumers of data. Okera sees this challenge not only as a basic compliance requirement but just as importantly as an opportunity to maximize the value of data given today’s distributed and hybrid data architecture.”

Okera addresses the challenging gap in data management across heterogeneous data stores and formats by giving data consumers, owners, and stewards a unified management platform. This enables organizations to unlock the value of data in Amazon S3 data lakes in a secure and governed manner. Okera’s Active Data Access Platform (ODAP) provides industry-leading dynamic access control capabilities such as real-time tokenization, redaction, and row-level filtering. These capabilities help businesses meet emerging data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, with a single platform to uniformly manage popular analytics tools including Amazon EMR, Apache Hive, Apache Presto, and Apache Spark, and leading BI tools like Tableau, Birst, and Qlik.

“No company should have to compromise data security and governance to provide users with fast access to the data they need to deliver business insights,” said Amandeep Khurana, Okera CEO and co-founder. “We’re pleased O’Reilly and Cloudera recognized Okera’s disruptive and transformational approach to helping organizations become data-driven without sacrificing security and governance.”

The Strata Data Awards, hosted by O’Reilly and Cloudera, recognize the most innovative data-driven startups, projects, and initiatives from among the Strata Data Conference sponsors and exhibitors. While the category finalists were curated by a team of industry experts, the winners were selected by the attendees of the Strata Data Conference.
“As these companies and their award-winning innovations showed us, the future was on display at this year’s Strata Data San Francisco Conference,” said Ben Lorica, chief data scientist at O’Reilly and Strata Data Conference program chair. “Keep an eye on these companies – and all of our finalists – as they represent where the industry and data science are headed.”

About Okera

Okera is the first software provider to enable the management of data access and governance at scale for today’s modern data lakes. Built on the belief that companies can do more with their data, Okera’s Active Data Access Platform (ODAP) allows agility and governance to co-exist and gives data consumers, owners and stewards the confidence to unlock the power of their data for innovation and growth. Okera can be deployed in as little as one day to facilitate the provisioning, accessing, governing and auditing of data in today’s multi-cloud, multi-data format, and multi-tool world. Learn more at www.okera.com or contact us at info@okera.com.