Read this article to understand two common approaches to data security and their tradeoffs. Then, learn four steps for a modern approach to scale data access governance for sustainable business value. Find out what the key building blocks to achieve the right balance between data security and business agility.

First Common Approach to Data Security – Making Copies of Data

When creating copies of data in order to remove or transform sensitive data is costly, complex to manage, rigid, and error prone. This method requires more resources to manage the data and significantly increases your cloud storage costs. Rather than tying up Databricks clusters or Snowflake data clouds with routine data pipelines, use their compute power for analytics and data science projects.

Second Common Approach to Data Security – Implement Fine-grained Access Control at the Data Platform Level

While all data consumers get access fast to data from authoritative datasets, silos become problematic.

A Modern Approach to Data Access Governance

For sustainable business value, organizations need an external data access governance system that address clarity, consistency, and economy of scale. These are the most pressing concerns with data security.

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