Dynamic Policy Authorization

Okera applies fine-grained data access control policies dynamically and consistently across all analytic tools.

Enforce Data Access Control Policies Dynamically at Scale

Eliminate the need to create multiple copies of a single dataset in order to control access for different use cases. With Okera, data access control policies are applied dynamically at run-time, so each user will only see the data they are authorized to view, ensuring secure data access.


Apply Data Access Control Policies Consistently Across All Tools

Okera’s policy library exists as a single source of truth that is applied consistently and transparently across all analytics tools. With an API-first design, it was built to support the multitude of tools and frameworks in the modern data-driven enterprise, empowering users and avoiding lock-in.

Integrate With Directory and Authentication Services

The Okera platform integrates with LDAP directory and authentication services, such as Microsoft Active Directory or Okta, so data access control policies associated with certain roles can then be granted to predefined groups within the enterprise. This allows for more efficiency in provisioning data access to individual users.


Architected for the Enterprise Data Platform

Okera was designed from the ground up for maximum flexibility, scalability, and interoperability, able to support the tools of today and any that may be considered in the future. The platform is cloud-native with support for hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure, and high-performing workloads with multiple concurrent users.


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