Okera Spotlight for AWS

Okera Spotlight solves some of the biggest challenges with managing an AWS data lake by providing visibility into data usage and access patterns.

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Product Overview

Data lake owners are constantly looking to understand the usage of the lake, while data stewards need to know their sensitive data exposure in order to comply with emerging data privacy regulations. Okera Spotlight helps solve both of these problems by automatically discovering sensitive data and capturing all activity in real-time across all analytics tools. It provides usage information and important metrics such as top users and top applications for live, holistic insight into data lake activity.

Okera Spotlight Platform


Okera Spotlight can be installed in less than an hour, and connects to AWS CloudTrail for a complete, non-invasive audit. It crawls the data lake to surface the location of sensitive data, along with its access and usage pattern, through an interactive dashboard. Data lake owners can use these reports for detailed and continuous visibility into their data lake, or integrate the enriched audit with BI or SIEM tools for further insights.

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Out of the Box Reporting

A number of reports are built into the Web UI to answer common data access and usage questions, such as:

  • What data is being accessed in the lake, especially sensitive data?
  • Which users have accessed sensitive data?
  • Which tools are accessing the sensitive data and how much did they read?

The enriched audit activity produced by Okera Spotlight can also be queried and analyzed using any business analytics tool, like Tableau or Looker.



Understand Sensitive Data Usage

Okera Spotlight crawls the data lake and automatically detects the sensitive data. The technical metadata catalog can be populated by Spotlight’s built-in crawlers, or an external catalog such as AWS Glue. Users can also create their own tags based on relevant data elements.


User-Centric Audit

By analyzing the CloudTrail audit logs and dataset contents from Amazon S3, Okera Spotlight provides a holistic view of data lake contents and activity. It allows data lake owners to leverage CloudTrail for greater visibility and insights into their regulatory and compliance risk, including the ability to drill down into user activity.


Stakeholder Benefits

Data Lake Visibility and Insights

Data owners and producers receive insight into which datasets are accessed most often and which are rarely accessed. This will allow them to invest in growing and maintaining the data lake, improving the quality of the most accessed datasets, and divesting off those which are not used as often.

Detect Data Breaches with SIEM integration

Integrating the enriched audit activity from Okera Spotlight with SIEM and log management tools such as Splunk or Sumologic allows data stewards and security professionals to see anomalies in data access patterns and potentially detect security breaches before they occur.

Understand Sensitive Data Exposure

Data governance and privacy professionals can view their current risk exposure – which tools, applications, and users are accessing highly confidential data – to assess whether or not their current data security and access control solutions are satisfactory.

Okera Spotlight for AWS

Gain visibility into your data lake by identifying rogue data sets and exposed PII. Okera Spotlight solves some of the biggest challenges with managing an AWS data lake by providing visibility into data usage and access patterns. Available for free for a limited time. We have select SI partners who can help.