Universal Policy Management

Okera provides a self-service experience for data stewards to create and manage fine-grained data access control policies.

Create and Manage Data Access Policies From an Intuitive UI

Data stewards, or those who understand the data, can now author access policies without writing a line of code. Create and manage fine-grained data access control policies, including row-level filtering and sophisticated de-identification, from Okera’s simple point-and-click user interface.


Attribute-based access control (ABAC) for scale

Okera makes it easy to create and manage data access control policies through tags, ensuring that policies are linked to business and regulatory context. ABAC can simplify the amount of policies required to protect sensitive data and, with tags applied automatically when data is registered in Okera, creates an effectively automated policy management. The platform does also allow for role-based access control (RBAC) for specificity and exceptions.


Access Control

Define and enforce fine-grained data access control policies for both structured and unstructured data from a single platform. Access privileges and restrictions can be applied on many levels of granularity—file, column, row, and even at cell-level.


Variety of
De-Identification Policies

Data stewards have the flexibility to author policy for infinite different use cases, from marketing analytics to consumer fraud prevention. Okera supports a variety of de-identification types, including masking, redaction, tokenization, anonymization, and even differential privacy. In all cases, the transformation is applied at query time, eliminating the need to store multiple copies of the data.


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