Secure Data Access at Scale

Every person and system that uses data is a potential attack vector. Minimize risk with centralized, consistent, control and visibility into who has access to sensitive data. By dynamically enforcing data access control policies, you will reduce your attack surface while leveraging your most important asset – your sensitive data.

Supports Zero-trust Architecture for Modern Data Access Control

Data access control requirements aren’t what they used to be.

Managing access to massive amounts of confidential, personally identifiable (pii), and regulated data, distributed throughout multiple cloud and internal data platforms, requires new building blocks for success.

Turn off direct user access and delegate data authorization to Okera’s dynamic policy engine.

You can be confident that every query will be authorized based on the combination of the authenticated user’s roles, the target data attributes, and real-time query context.

Building Blocks Of Modern Secure Data Access


Authenticate every query

Dynamic Authorization

On the fly policy enforcement

Sensitive Data Classification

Automated with APIs and ML


Role-Based Access Control


Attribute-Based Access Control


Fine-grained Access Control

API-first Integrations

SQL DCL, Python, Java, and more

Distributed Stewardship

Assign authority and accountability

Data Usage Intelligence

Centralized auditing and reporting

In some cases security can be death by a thousand cuts. There’s little bits of pain all over the place.

We couldn’t have made this level of improvement without Okera.

Aaron Carreras

VP, Enterprise Data Platforms and Transparency Services Technology, FINRA

It’s super simple.

Zero access. That’s where you start. Then the whole exercise is to find the way to give access.

Jonathan Sander

Security Field CTO, Snowflake

We immediately saw the compelling value created by linking Collibra’s robust data governance and policy management capabilities with the Okera solution to automate data access policies within the Catalog. Together with FSFP’s sensitive data assessment, we look forward to helping organizations unlock the full value of their data with secure, automated, scalable and trustworthy enterprise-wide governance.

Gregg Loos

Chief Revenue Officer, First San Francisco Partners

Applying and maintaining sensitive data tags against schemas, tables, views, and attributes is often a painful manual process. enables sensitive data tagging and Okera ensures protection of that sensitive data. As best-of-breed partners, we increase the speed and security of sensitive data workloads running on the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Justin Mullen


End-to-End Visibility and Data Usage Intelligence

Visibility is a significant part of data protection and is the foundation for proving compliance with internal mandates and government regulations.

Gain in-depth data intelligence through central authorization, logging, and auditing of user activity, data utilization, and policy changes.

Accelerate compliance reporting with full and granular visibility into who is accessing confidential, personally identifiable, and regulated data.

Identity-based Access and Authentication

Perimeter based security is too weak to protect data. Universal data authorization authenticates every data access request, and dynamically authorizes each query according to user role, data attribute, and even real-time query context


  • Lock down the data at the source
  • Continuously profile it for attributes that might be company confidential, PII, and regulated
  • Authenticate every data request, then authorize for

Secure Data Access at Scale

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