Complexity is the Enemy of Security:
Why Data Access Governance is Crucial

The modern data stack consists of cloud data warehouses, data lakes and adjacent patterns such as the lakehouse, across a complex hybrid or multi-cloud environment. This has given data teams increased agility and the ability to leverage major amounts of data.

At the same time, new data privacy legislation and the impact of major cybersecurity breaches has led to the call for responsible data use, requiring new approaches to data privacy and security. Organizations that can use data responsibly to accelerate innovation and protect the business will be at a significant advantage over their competitors.

Come listen to Sanjeev Mohan, recent Gartner VP analyst and now principal at SanjMo, interview Nong Li, Okera CTO and Big Data veteran, on the following subjects:

  • What is data access governance (DAG), and why do we need it?
  • Essential components of DAG, including fine-grained access control (FGAC) and attribute-based access control (ABAC)
  • Overlap with metadata management products, such as data governance or data catalogs
  • Implications on DAG when a platform vendor introduces native FGAC capabilities