Presented by AWS, Collibra, and Okera:
Driving Innovation through a Secure “Shopping for Data” Experience

More and more enterprises are moving to AWS to reap the benefits of cost-savings and increased flexibility with their data. However, regulatory requirements and fear of reputational damages due to a data breach can sometimes hamper the promised benefits of the cloud – the ability to experiment and innovate without cost-related barriers to entry.

To maximize your digital transformation initiatives and use data responsibly, you need an automated and highly secure solution for managing access to sensitive or personal data, that leverages the best-of-breed components of AWS Cloud, Collibra Data Governance and Okera Universal Data Authorization.

We will show you how the systems can integrate to leverage their distinct capabilities into one seamless solution that allows data analysts and data scientists to securely shop for data on Collibra, with Okera automatically providing automated data access control in alignment with the organization’s data governance policies. These policies can be consistently enforced no matter where the data is stored or what tool is being used to access data.

Organizations in Financial Services, Healthcare, and Government with high security and compliance needs will have peace of mind that their sensitive data is being governed, no matter who requests the access or no matter where the data is stored on the AWS infrastructure or beyond.