Our security has to be equivalent to or better than the industry we’re regulating.

– Nate Weisz, Sr. Director of Data Management, FINRA

Have you ever wondered how companies in regulated industries move to the public cloud? Every company wants to reap the benefits of cloud computing, like saving a ton of money and moving faster (much faster!). But the vast majority of sensitive data workloads remain on-prem. Why?

The conventional wisdom is that migrating sensitive data workloads to the public cloud is too risky due to compliance concerns.

Download this white paper to see how data-driven companies in highly regulated industries apply new concepts and modern, universal data access control to use data responsibly.

You’ll learn about:

  • Evaluating risks
  • Cloud migration as a journey
  • Software surfing between clouds
  • Writing the perfect policy
  • Change is the only constant
  • Realizing positive benefits

With so much efficiency and agility to gain, what is holding you back?

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