For many companies, the impact of digital transformation on data has been profound…

The number data sources has grown rapidly and data-driven insights are producing new revenue streams, serving an improved customer experience, building innovative products, and creating competitive edge.

The challenge with all this, however, is that data is spreading out across a hybrid multi- cloud computing environment and companies are struggling to govern it to comply with a growing number of regulations and legislation. In fact, data complexity has grown to become such a concern that data security and privacy are now given high priority in the boardroom.

To address this challenge and manage data protection across multiple systems and data stores requires support for a universal approach to data authorisation security to govern access to data and data usage.

Come join this webinar to learn about:

  • The impact of digital transformation on data
  • Primary problems in analytics today
  • Key requirements for governing access to data
  • Plus watch a live demo of how to use Okera to govern data access in distributed environments.