Modern data platforms continue to grow in complexity to meet the changing needs of data consumers. Data analysts and data scientists demand faster access to data, but IT and governance are stuck at the last mile figuring out how to provide access in a secure, standardized way across a wide variety of analytic tools.

Organizations seeking to accelerate time-to-insight on their data platform – without compromising on security – need to figure out how to close this critical gap. At Okera, we believe the ideal access control framework is dynamic, unifies metadata and audit logs, integrates seamlessly with your data platform, and requires minimal change management to implement.

In this paper, we’ll examine the six key requirements you need to consider in order to design such a framework:

  • Leverage attribute-based access control (ABAC) to scale policy management
  • Enforce access policies dynamically
  • Create a unified metadata layer
  • Enable distributed stewardship
  • Ensure easy centralized auditing
  • Future-proof your integrations