Data lies at the heart of every business. Reasonably dubbed the “crown jewels,” sensitive data hides in zetabytes stored throughout thousands of data stores, with various roles needing access to specific information at the right time.

It is extremely difficult for most security teams to get their hands around the scope of what they need to protect, much less affect a governance and protection strategy that covers all data types and locations.

Data security grows exponentially more complex given the number of people that need least privileged access to data defined at an attribute or fine-grained, cell level — for a zero trust approach.

TAG Cyber Security Annual – 2nd Quarter 2021 Report provides keen insights that security leaders should prioritize in their cyber strategies and technology stack. The six categories – enterprise, network, endpoint, governance, data, and service – used to roughly organize the fifty-four controls, were created to help enterprise teams differentiate between the various entries. Included are familiar areas such as Ransomware, third-party and supply chain risks but also newer strategies such data protection, data privacy and data governance.

This report features an exclusive interview with Okera co-founder and CTO, Nong Li, on the topic of “Data Authorization with Privacy by Design.”

Download it now to learn more about universal data authorization, the discipline of making sure every data request is business-purpose-appropriate, supports digital transformation goals, and is purpose built with data security and privacy by design.