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A consolidated, personalized data catalog solution with native integrations for leading analytics tools.

Automated Data Catalog Solution

Okera Automated Schema Registry ends the hassle of publishing and indexing data for producers and consumers. Our data catalog service automatically integrates your data natively with all popular analytics tools to provide an enterprise-wide view across all your data.

Find the right data when and where you need it

Hunting for data shouldn’t be in anybody’s job description. Okera’s Automated Schema Registry is the single point of data discovery that data consumers require to find and securely access the data they need. Our easy-to-use UI makes it easy to add business context to data with tagging, search, and filtering.

Integrate with multiple analytic engines and tools

Data professionals often demand analytic tools specific to the task at hand, and they should be able to decide between different tools they want to try. Okera integrates natively with multiple analytic tools on your data lake so analysts and data science teams can experiment, learn, and work faster.

Manage technical metadata across multiple sources

Data comes in many shapes, sizes, and formats and from many sources. You might think it’s impossible to find one platform capable of enabling secure access and governance across multiple data platforms – but that’s exactly what Okera does. You can connect to data lakes on-premise in the data center or in the cloud. Okera also supports data warehouses as a source.

Automatically classify sensitive data

Okera’s automated tagging lets you crawl cloud storage services and tag sensitive data at scale. In this way, Okera makes life easier for data stewards and auditors, who can use Okera tags to classify data sets for better monitoring, auditing, and reporting on sensitive data.

Enforce policies, with or without an enterprise data catalog

Secure your data lake with Okera’s powerful access policy management. If you already have an enterprise data catalog, it can integrate with the Okera Automated Schema Registry, extending its value as a governance tool. Okera enforces data security policies while protecting your data lake with comprehensive security and access control.