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  • Implement advanced enforcement policies like row level permissions, data transformations, and more

What Our Users Say

BigID and Okera are aligned on much more than just complimentary technology. We both operate in a joint ecosystem of technology, CSP and consulting partners. The compelling value we bring to our customers in the context they operate is critical to answering the two most important questions data teams are facing today: Where is our sensitive data and How can I automatically apply policies to protect that data.

Julia Fare

SVP, Global Alliances

Okera is a great partner to ensure that our customers have the data protection and governance they need. Okera’s integration with Dremio enables users to automate their data privacy, security, and governance, enabling them to focus on what’s important; extracting valuable insights from their data.

Roger Frey

VP of Business Development, Dremio

We credit Okera for reducing the hundreds of roles from our legacy database to about a dozen now in Snowflake, while giving us even more granular access control with user attributes. As a platform owner this saves me a lot of time and assures appropriate access as we expand how we use Snowflake with more users and data.

Solution Architect, semiconductor manufacturing company