Automate sensitive data management

Automatically discover sensitive data, tag it, assign policies at scale and enforce all from a single platform.

Don’t let data privacy hold you back

Protecting customer data is paramount in today’s environment but you also want to extract value from that data to serve your customers better. Okera’s powerful role-based and attribute-based access control, along with data obfuscation including anonymization, pseudonymization, masking, and redaction ensures that data doesn't end up in the wrong hands.

Automate Discovery

Okera is able to crawl datasets stored in AWS S3, Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS / Gen2), or HDFS. The crawler identifies file system objects that are not registered in the catalog and is able to infer schemas and metadata for common file formats.

Auto-tagging based on data values

Okera applies regex-based (regular expression based) tagging rules on data values. This can be used to identify datasets which contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or other sensitive data values.

Automate Differential Privacy

Okera allows you to dynamically protect sensitive data and ensures that no data is directly identifiable with any person.

Enforce transparent and consistent data access policies

Okera’s Policy Engine allows data stewards, data owners, and governance professionals to easily define and manage complex data access policies including any sensitive data. These policies are then applied on-the-fly by Okera in a centralized platform and ensure access is always enforced transparently and consistently and without any performance penalty.