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What Our Users Say

BigID and Okera are aligned on much more than just complimentary technology. We both operate in a joint ecosystem of technology, CSP and consulting partners. The compelling value we bring to our customers in the context they operate is critical to answering the two most important questions data teams are facing today: Where is our sensitive data and How can I automatically apply policies to protect that data.

Julia Fare

SVP, Global Alliances

Applying and maintaining sensitive data tags against schemas, tables, views, and attributes is often a painful manual process. DataOps.live enables sensitive data tagging and Okera ensures protection of that sensitive data. As best-of-breed partners, we increase the speed and security of sensitive data workloads running on the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Justin Mullen

CEO, DataOps.live

Okera gave me back a level of control that I had back in the days of Sharepoint. Business users now manage data access control down to the individual cell – which has never been done before. As an R&D Team, those capabilities are very, very exciting given their acceleration and impact upon drug innovation.

Associate Director of Data Integration Services, F500 pharmaceutical company