Our Mission

Enable all to use data responsibly.

We make it easy for all data stakeholders to collaborate, define and evolve enterprise-wide data access policies. Okera does the heavy lifting to enforce those policies so that your organization can be the data-driven, market leader that is trusted by your customers, partners, constituents, supply chain vendors, industry analysts, and employees.

Our Vision

A world where all data is accessible, protected, and trusted.

Help us make that vision a reality.


What is Okera?

Okera is a data access management platform.

Why Okera?

Make security transparent, so you can access data with full trust.
Your business is growing. Is your security infrastructure keeping up?

Okera scales natively to secure your most sensitive data so you can unlock the full potential of all your data across new consumers and fresh use cases. Okera does this by segregating security from compute and storage so that you can apply consistent polices irrespective of the underlying data persistence layers, the compute engines, and the BI tools.

What Makes Okera Unique?

Okera’s unique no-code, write-once-execute-anywhere policy management helps alleviate talent shortage challenges. It gives you the confidence that your corporate policies will apply consistently and dynamically whether you are deploying a data warehouse, data lake, or data mesh. Oh, and, if we didn’t mention, you are finally able to secure your hybrid multi-cloud reality.

As your business scales in the future to handle expanded use cases, worry not, as Okera will give the peace of mind. Sleep well.

Where we came from:
Universal Data Access Management.

Okera was founded in 2016 by technology pioneers. The separation of storage and compute created a big gap in data agility with security.

Organizations started accumulating massive amounts of data, including personally identifiable information (PII) that needs to remain private. Governments responded with data privacy regulations, most prominently GDPR.

Okera’s first customer is a widely recognized global brand who came to us to empower advanced data analytics on a variety of compute platforms while complying with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (WBP).

Learn more about our co-founder, CEO, and CTO: Nong Li.

Where we’re going:
The data trust layer.

Several innovations later, Okera is now trusted to authorize access to hundreds of petabytes of sensitive data for the world’s most demanding companies and regulatory agencies.

Having proven our ability to protect data in-use at massive scale, Okera is making it easier for earlier-stage companies to adopt an effective data trust layer.

With our new SaaS deployment option and packaged offerings for modern data platforms like Snowflake and Databricks, unicorns-in-the-making can start small, assured that data security will scale beautifully to support rapid growth, and at far less cost and effort than conventional methods.

Okera’s POV

Organizations need dynamic data access for the same reasons they already use centralized directory services and identity providers for authentication:


Enforce policies consistently, regardless of the data platform. Okera does the heavy lifting of enforcement for you.


All data stakeholders can participate in policy creation and validation, and can self-serve their own audit reports.

Economy of Scale

Simply register new data and user roles to existing policies. Compare with alternatives that become increasingly complex at scale.

Industry Leadership

Okera is the proud sponsor and host of the award-winning AIRSIDE industry conference. AIRSIDE brings together industry thought leaders and practitioners to deep-dive into all things Big Data, Data Security, and Data Governance.

Missed the event or want to relive your favorite keynote? Watch Now

Meet the Okera Executive Team

Nong Li

Co-Founder & CEO

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Bobby Napiltonia


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Ravi Ramachandran

Vice President of Sales

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Desiree Therianos

Vice President of People

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Claire Umeda

Vice President of Marketing

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Sameer Phatarpekar

VP of Global Customer Success

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John Fowlkes

Head of Security

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Nik Acheson

Field CDO

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Meet the Okera Board of Directors

Ethan Kurzweil

Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

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Patrick Heim

Partner & CISO, ClearSky Security Fund

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Tim Eades

CEO, vArmour

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Wesley Chan

Managing Director, Felicis Ventures

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