Customer Data Privacy for Retail and Ecommerce

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Customer service is fundamental to the retail and ecommerce industries, and a vital piece of that customer service is data protection. As competition increases among retailers, many utilize targeted, personalized marketing campaigns to acquire new customers and provide a more customized experience. With this comes the responsibility to protect customer data while still being able to gain important insights from the data collected.

What Data Privacy Consists of in Retail and Ecommerce

Customer data privacy refers to how companies and third-party agencies collect, use, store, and protect data from transactions, such as contact information, passwords and usernames, web-browsing cookies, purchase history, website behaviors, identifiable information, and app engagement.

Learning this information about target customers can help retailers create more personalized customer profiles for marketing purposes, but there are customer privacy laws to follow, and data breaches are more common than you may realize.

Why Consumer Data Privacy Is Important

With the multitude of retailer security breaches in recent years, consumers today are mindful of data privacy and protection standards retailers use. Because a data breach can have such serious consequences for consumers, the reputations of businesses known to not adhere to safe data governance practices are impacted. As awareness surrounding consumer data privacy has grown, more comprehensive consumer data privacy laws are enacted worldwide, such as GDPR and CCPA, which gives consumers a right to know how their data is collected and how it’s sold and to whom, as well as the option to decline the sale of their personal information. These laws enhance consumer security and ensure retailers manage data responsibly.

How to Ensure Consumer Privacy for Retailers

Retailers may have varying data protection strategies depending on the type of data collected and specific industry threats. Common approaches to protecting consumer data include:

  • Authorizing passwords and login information for online accounts
  • Encrypting stored data
  • Verifying online transactions through a secondary method
  • Enabling biometric identification
  • Having a data backup and recovery plan
  • Installing and updating security software
  • Staying up to date on industry threats and concerns
  • Holding company-wide regulation and compliance training

The more comprehensive customer data protection is, the better.

How Okera Helps Retailers

Okera helps retailers minimize risk exposure and avoid non-compliance penalties with a platform built around:

  • De-identification
  • Controlled linkability
  • Scalability
  • Automation
  • Compatibility with modern data architectures
  • Auditing and traceability

Okera enables you to comply with data security and privacy laws without slowing you down.

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