Secure Data Access Governance Solutions for Manufacturing

Why Use Okera’s AI-centric Data Access
and Governance Solutions?

Okera provides a modern approach to data security, strengthening manufacturing’s digital transformation goals with capabilities such as:

universal policy icn

Universal Policy Management

Simplify and standardize powerful fine-grained access control policies. Write once, apply everywhere.

dynamic policy

Dynamic Policy Authorization

Enforce sophisticated data security and privacy policies for every data access request at run-time. Filter, hide, mask, and tokenize sensitive data as queried.

data usage

Data Usage Intelligence

Accelerate compliance reporting and discover and remediate inappropriate data usage. Know who has access to sensitive data, and how and when they used it.

The Importance of Secure, AI-based Data Access Governance in Manufacturing

If you think data protection isn’t critical in the manufacturing industry, you’d be wrong. Digitization affects all industries, and data privacy is a key risk for manufacturers and any company that handles sensitive data related to customers, employees, and business partners.

Big data provides unprecedented ability to use machine learning and artificial intelligence for inventory management, supply chain optimization, demand forecasting, logistics, quality improvement, and more. While these insights can be valuable, companies must keep a close eye on who has access to what data, or risk running afoul of insider trading regulations or losing their “trusted partner” status with other parts of the manufacturing supply chain.

We credit Okera for reducing the hundreds of roles from our legacy database to about a dozen now in Snowflake, while giving us even more granular access control with user attributes. As a platform owner this saves me a lot of time and assures appropriate access as we expand how we use Snowflake with more users and data.

Solution Architect, semiconductor manufacturing company

Implementing Data Privacy With Big Data in Manufacturing

Today, many manufacturing companies lack robust enough data privacy measures, and their IT teams are too under-resourced to properly steward the type and amount of data in their possession. Implementing the right tools can optimize data stewardship by creating data usage policies and implementing controls to help companies ensure data is protected, accurate, and accessible by approved parties.

How Okera Helps Manufacturing Companies

Okera helps manufacturers take control of big data governance, minimizing risk and upholding compliance in how data is collected, stored, used, and shared with third parties. Manufacturers can avoid compliance issues and penalties with Okera’s solutions, which offer:

  • De-identification
  • Auditing capabilities
  • Centralized policy management
  • Dynamic data masking and tokenization
  • Reporting on sensitive data access

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