Simplify with AI-centric data access governance

Secure existing data and migrate more sensitive workloads to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

Okera Native Integration with Databricks

Okera integrates into your existing Databricks Hive Metastore (HMS) catalog.

Implement best-in-class data access security controls while liberating your data and AI models.

Transparent to Users

Unlike other solutions, data engineers, scientists, and analysts don’t have to change the way they work.

Performance at Scale

Databricks maintains control over query planning, optimization, execution, and cluster autoscaling.


Existing and newly onboarded data can be secured without interrupting the business.

We wanted it to be seamless. We wanted people to keep working. Query time should be the same.

Okera was the first to present a viable solution.

Doron Porat

Data Infra Group Leader, Yotpo - eCommerce Marketing Platform

Policy-Based, AI-centric Data Access Governance

Easily protect confidential, personally identifiable, and regulated data from inappropriate access and misuse.

Easy Policy Creation for Agility and Scale

Okera data governance policies are intuitive and easy to implement. Non-technical stakeholders can validate that policies are implemented as intended, speeding time-to-delivery. Simply register new data with existing policies for an incredible economy of scale. Work smarter, not harder.

Collaborate for Better Outcomes

Okera abstracts policies into language that non-technical data stakeholders can understand. As a result, it’s easier for everyone to collaborate and agree on policies.

This means policies — and the data they protect — can be deployed to users faster and with greater confidence.

Any User of Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Because Okera policies directly integrate with Databricks metadata, all users are automatically governed, regardless of whether they use notebooks, jobs, or the data explorer.

Okera also protects queries to Delta Lake on Databricks for better data lake reliability, security and performance.