Why AI regulation will resemble data privacy regulation

In this VentureBeat article, Okera president, Bobby Napiltonia talks about the nuances of data privacy laws and the impact AI will have...
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Nov 17, 2022


How Okera Solves Data Access Problems for Data Modernization Clients Capital One and Yotpo

At Acceleration Economy’s “Data Modernization Battleground” event, Okera president Bobby Napiltonia shares customers Capital One and Yotpo’s problems they faced in…

Nov 16, 2022

Press Release

Okera Works to Solve the File Data Access Management Challenge With OkeraEnsemble – Delivers ABAC and Infinite Elastic Scale Leveraging Okera nScale for Amazon EMR

First of its kind capabilities democratizes speedy and secure data access to structured and unstructured file data  SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.,…

Nov 15, 2022


How Okera’s Data Modernization Solutions Scale Data Access While Retaining Security

Recognized as a leading tool vendor, Okera was recently invited to participate in Acceleration Economy’s Data Modernization Battleground event and…

Nov 07, 2022


How Teradata and Okera Data Tools Shined at the Data Modernization Battleground

Wayne Sadin, Acceleration Economy Analyst, has been a CIO, CTO, CDO, an and advisor and investor to firms from start-ups…

Nov 03, 2022


Productizing Data Without Opening Your Business To Risk

A data product within an organization provides tremendous value, enabling people to extract valuable insights that drive business change and…

Oct 24, 2022


The Business Case for Cloud Data Security Tools and Platforms

Running sensitive workloads in the cloud is an ongoing, hot topic of debate for company executives. The debate is charged…

Oct 17, 2022


Three mistakes organizations make when trying to manage data securely

Okera co-founder and CEO, Nong Li shares his take on the three mistakes organizations most commonly make when managing data…

Oct 11, 2022


How Heavily Regulated Industries Can Migrate Sensitive Data Workloads to the Cloud

Significant advancements in data security and governance are enabling heavily regulated industries successfully move to the cloud. Yet, over 52%…

Oct 06, 2022


Scaling Data Access Governance

Read this article to understand two common approaches to data security and their tradeoffs. Then, learn four steps for a…

Oct 05, 2022


Why Enterprises With Complex Data Access Needs Should Know Okera

Tune into this video on data security, Episode 54 of the Cloud Wars Horizon Minute hosted by Tom Smith, Acceleration…

Oct 05, 2022


How Okera Secures Data Analytics Access — at Massive Scale

Okera was built to address a security gap that was born from the separation of storage and compute. The most…

Sep 26, 2022


Trust With Data: How to Discern it and Earn it.

Trust with data needs to be earned more than ever as our personally identifiable information (PII) continues to be collected…

Aug 29, 2022


Data security hinges on clear policies and automated enforcement

Over the past two decades, data protection, security, and privacy have moved front and center into mainstream awareness. This has…

Aug 22, 2022


Why AI regulation will resemble data privacy regulation

In this VentureBeat article, Okera president, Bobby Napiltonia talks about the nuances of data privacy laws and the impact AI…

Aug 17, 2022


Six Critical Steps To Modernize Data Security

As former Sr Gartner Analyst, Sanjeev Mohan, astutely states, modern data security needs a new mindset. Data and analytics teams…

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