Jan 03, 2023


The Ongoing Struggle to Keep Sensitive Data Secure

Data and security professionals are feeling the stress of global threats and consumer demand for understanding data use, storage, and…

Dec 19, 2022


How to Manage Data Access in Snowflake with Okera in Under 3 Minutes

Highlights from a recent Cloud Wars Horizon Demo Day where Brent Danis, Technical Partnerships at Okera provides a 3 minute…

Dec 13, 2022


Data protection and security in 2023

Okera co-founder and CEO, Nong Li shares his take on the three industry trends organizations should keep an eye on:…

Nov 30, 2022


My Career in Data Episode 11: Nikolas Acheson, Field Chief Data Officer, Okera

Hear from our very own Field CDO Nik Acheson on his journey to becoming a CDO and his infectious excitement…

Nov 29, 2022


Lessons Learned: Implementing Digital Transformations & Why I Am Now a Field CDO

In today’s modern data world, technologies, systems are all evolving, leaving companies to come up with creative ways to address…

Nov 17, 2022


How Okera Solves Data Access Problems for Data Modernization Clients Capital One and Yotpo

At Acceleration Economy’s “Data Modernization Battleground” event, Okera president Bobby Napiltonia shares customers Capital One and Yotpo’s problems they faced in…

Nov 16, 2022

Press Release

OkeraEnsemble Extends ABAC to Files with Unstructured Data

Okera Works to Solve the File Data Access Management Challenge With OkeraEnsemble – Delivers ABAC and Infinite Elastic Scale Leveraging…

Nov 15, 2022


How Okera’s Data Modernization Solutions Scale Data Access While Retaining Security

Recognized as a leading tool vendor, Okera was recently invited to participate in Acceleration Economy’s Data Modernization Battleground event and…

Nov 07, 2022


How Teradata and Okera Data Tools Shined at the Data Modernization Battleground

Wayne Sadin, Acceleration Economy Analyst, has been a CIO, CTO, CDO, an and advisor and investor to firms from start-ups…

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