Solving sensitive data problems for financial services

From enabling data access to ensuring data security, we deliver!

Go beyond data access governance

Financial services firms use data analytics and data science to optimize business processes, predict emerging trends and measure risk to bolster revenue and gain a competitive edge.  

But how do you accelerate and expand big data analytics and data science practices while complying with evolving data security risks and privacy and compliance mandates?    

Universal data authorization simplifies the enforcement of dynamic policies across data platforms with an economy of scale for data access governance.

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Modernize Data Ecosystem

Deliver speed to insights with queries accessing authoritative, single source of truth data. Okera authorizes each data query in real-time.

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Enforce Fine-Grained Access Control

Centrally manage and consistently enforce data policies. Onboard rigorous sensitive data workloads for advanced analytics and data science use cases.

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“All In” on Cloud

Migrate to the cloud while protecting and filtering data based on geography and role. Build a flexible and cost-effective cloud solution.

Ensuring Data Privacy in Financial Services

Whether commercial or retail banking, wealth or retirement management or any other financial services sector, consumers expect and deserve data privacy while benefiting from innovative products and services.

Policies can be defined for federal and regional regulatory requirements, retention of aging data, and removal of redundant data to reduce risk.

Okera gave me back a level of control that I had back in the days of Sharepoint. Business users now manage data access control down to the individual cell – which has never been done before. As an R&D Team, those capabilities are very, very exciting given their acceleration and impact upon drug innovation.

Associate Director of Data Integration Services, F500 pharmaceutical company

Helping Financial Services Organizations

Delivering dynamic data access and privacy controls:

 Credit risk analysis 
 Performance and revenue analysis
 Customer lifetime value predictions
 Personalized and recommendation-based marketing
 Migrating sensitive data workloads to the cloud
 SEC/regulatory compliance for internal data access
 Privacy preserving data science
 Secure sensitive data for internal teams
 Fraud detection

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