Automate policy management
at enterprise scale

Okera and Collibra have partnered to integrate their market-leading solutions in order to enable self-service analytics while ensuring data access governance across the data platform.

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Automate Policy Enforcement

Leverage pre-existing workflows and attributes from Collibra to define attribute-based access policies, and have them enforced consistently across all analytics tools by Okera.

Single View of all Metadata

With the integration, enterprises gain a single source of truth in Okera for all metadata, whether the data resides in legacy systems or in the cloud.

Increase Regulatory Responsiveness

When an update to the security classification is made in Collibra, the new policy will be instantly and dynamically enforced by Okera without interrupting the analyst’s work.

Scale Data Classification

Okera’s automated tagging of sensitive data gives data stewards a head start, enabling them to quickly understand whether a dataset contains sensitive data and what type.

How It Works

The Okera and Collibra integration provides enterprises with a unified metadata layer that can act as a single source of truth for both their technical and business metadata. Classification attributes defined in Collibra can be leveraged in Okera to create and enforce fine-grained data access policies.