Data Access Management Solutions

Okera provides trusted data access management solutions to a variety of industries that face risk exposure and are held to high data protection standards:  healthcare, manufacturing, retail and eCommerce, and financial services to name a few.

Data Access Management Solutions for
Leading Industries

As governing agencies worldwide continue to crack down on how data collectors acquire, store, use, and manage internal, consumer, and patient data, Okera provides a reputable data access management solution for industries most affected by tight regulations.

Financial Services

Whether commercial or retail banking, wealth or retirement management, or any other financial services sector, we help you avoid data breaches and maintain compliance.

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Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Patient data is highly sensitive. Keep protected health information secure to increase patient trust, uphold your business reputation, and adhere to HIPAA regulations.

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Retail & Ecommerce

Consumers are more aware of the lack of data protection among companies today more than ever. Ensure your business remains a trusted retailer to do business with.

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As digitization increases, take control of big data governance, minimizing risk and upholding compliance in how data is collected, stored, used, and shared with third parties.

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Why Use Okera’s Data Access, Privacy, and Governance Solutions?

Okera’s data privacy solutions protect regulated industries and their consumers, making data accessible to authorized parties while fully complying with laws and best practices.

universal policy icn

Universal Policy Management

Simplify and standardize powerful fine-grained access control policies. Write once, apply everywhere.

dynamic policy

Dynamic Policy Authorization

Enforce sophisticated data security and privacy policies for every data access request at run-time. Filter, hide, mask, and tokenize sensitive data as queried.

data usage

Data Usage Intelligence

Accelerate compliance reporting and discover and remediate inappropriate data usage. Know who has access to sensitive data, and how and when they used it.

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