Discover and Classify Sensitive Data

You have to find, tag, and register sensitive data before you can control who can access it.

Know Your Data

“Knowing your data” is a prerequisite for achieving consistent, clear, and scalable data access governance.

Okera uses ML, metadata management, automation, and integrations with best-in-class data catalogs to simplify and scale data access governance.

Becoming Metadata-Driven

Tagging sensitive data makes it possible to automate data access governance.

Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) uses metadata (tags or attributes) — such as whether a column is classified as PII — to define data access control policies.

ABAC is less prone to errors and more cost-effective to scale than hard-coded, resource-level policies.

Discover & Classify Sensitive Data

Okera comes with ML-powered autotaggers that automatically classify certain types of sensitive data.

You can also tag columns based on pattern-patching and create your own custom autotaggers.

Okera’s lightweight tagging is sufficient for many organizations. If your needs change, Okera can integrate with enterprise-grade data catalogs.

Collaborate for Better Outcomes

Free up the data and analytics engineering teams! With Okera you can assign some authority and accountability to non-technical data stakeholders.

For example, the Data Protection Officer can be delegated authority to define the taxonomy for PII tags.

By delegating ownership to the accountable stakeholder in the business, ABAC policies can be implemented as intended and consistently enforced.

Integrate with Enterprise-Grade Data Catalogs

Okera provides lightweight data discovery and classification capabilities. You can also integrate Okera with your enterprise-grade data catalog system.

The choice is yours.


Learn how the CDMC Framework accelerates cloud adoption with:

  • Mike Meriton – Co-Founder and COO, EDM Council
  • Jonathan Sander – CTO, Snowflake
  • Nong Li – Co-Founder and CEO, Okera

Information sensitivity specifies how to access, treat and manage a data element.

This labeling is essential to security and regulatory compliance.

CDMC Framework, Section 2.2 (version 1.1.1), EDM Council

Once you are confident in your data discovery, classification, and tagging…

Let us show you how easy it is to build policies to centralize and simplify data access governance.