Agility Governance

Your data is
your business.

Data is the most valuable asset businesses have to drive innovation. Our platform tackles the hardest issues behind data access and governance across distributed environments—giving you the ability to explore your data’s potential like never before.


Confidence in your data. Confidence to innovate.

Okera opens up data for greater innovation by scaling access and governance across heterogeneous, distributed data environments. The Okera Active Data Access Platform manages data access across a multi-cloud, multi-datastore and multi-tool world reducing friction between agility and governance. With greater accessibility, protection and visibility, you have the confidence to move forward to innovate.

  • Consumers: easier to find and access data quickly using a variety of analytics tools.
  • Stewards:easier to define, enforce and audit access policies at a fine-grained level.
  • Owners: easier to publish datasets and get visibility into how the data is being used.
Agility Governance

Know what data you have, where to find it, and how to always access it.


Make sure your data is protected at different granularities as appropriate for different users and use cases.


Get continuous visibility into who has access to what data and how they are accessing it.

Okera Active Data Access Platform

A Unified Platform for Actively Managing Data Access

Our Data Access Service

Easy access. Fine-grained control.

Consumers only see data they have access to and data is abstracted from the original source and not copied:

  • Handles I/O and provisions data to analytics tools after applying schema, fine-grained access policies and other transformations (UDFs, tokenization, masking etc.) with high performance.
  • Data provisioned in a format that is easily consumable.
  • Multiple tools like Spark, Python, SQL engines, Notebooks, and business intelligence tools like Tableau, and Excel supported.

Our Schema Registry

Faster Access, Greater Collaboration

Provide a unified view of all relevant data and user access across multiple analytical tools:

  • Metadata representation for easily understanding, finding, and querying data.
  • Schemas, dataset sizes and who owns them, tags, annotations, basic quality metrics.
  • Access via the Hive Metastore API, REST APIs or a GUI.

Our Policy Engine

Scalable Protection, Greater Agility

Allow data teams to define and manage data access policies at scale including:

  • Fine-grained access control.
  • Auditability, tokenization, and anonymization of data on the fly.
  • Supported at several granularities: database, dataset, rows, columns and even cells.

Our Audit Engine

Better Visibility

Track data access, and understand how your data is being used at a detailed level through a rich audit dashboard including:

  • Data usage tracking by user.
  • Most common datasets.
  • Most commonly used tools.

Everyone is in the data business.

The Okera platform gives you the confidence to use your data to drive growth and innovation for your company.

Fine-Grained Access Control

Ability to lock access at fine grained levels—row, columns, and cells.

Dynamic Tokenization

Dynamically obfuscate data agnostic to where and how it is stored and how it is accessed.

Heterogenous by Design

API-driven support for multiple tools and frameworks of choice, empowering users and avoiding lock-in.

Simplicity of Operations

Simplified interconnectivity between tools and data stores with easy administrative and end-user interface for orchestrating data management.

Detailed Auditability

Monitor data usage historically (what has happened) and current state (who can see what).


Support for very large and heterogeneous data stores with high-performing workloads enabling multiple concurrent users.