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vArmour and Okera Joint Solution Brief

Enterprises are currently struggling to navigate a perfect storm within their IT infrastructures, which has the potential to compromise their security posture, exacerbate business risk, and disrupt their regulatory compliance.

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Scaling Data Access

Watch this informative webinar, originally presented at the 2020 MITCDOIQ conference, to learn how to build a successful and replicable access control framework for the new cloud-first and remote working world.

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What Is Data Lake Security?

The main principle of data lake security is ensuring that users only have access to the data they need – only specific files, or specific data within a file – as defined by the company’s security and access policies for the data lake.

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Okera Spotlight for AWS

Okera Spotlight solves one of the biggest challenges with managing an AWS data lake: getting visibility into usage and access patterns, especially for sensitive data.

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Data Lake Protection

Data lakes separate storage and compute to deliver numerous benefits to organizations. Protect your data lake with fine-grained access control and governance.

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Happy New Year from Okera

Happy New Year to you! I spent time over the holidays reflecting on 2018 and planning for 2019. I wanted to share some reflections and some thoughts on what we anticipate in the fast moving world of data lakes for 2019.

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Modern SDLC @ Okera

One of the important goals for software organizations is to create more efficient, repeatable and predictable processes that serve as a long term sustainable methodology for the business.

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