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The Dark Side of Identity Access

Companies are in a race to modernize their data intelligence stack with automated processes designed to maximize the value of their data for business insights and to create a competitive edge.

Fine-grained Access Control on Azure Analysis Services and PowerBI

In this article, I plan to address how Okera solves for this last mile problem of ensuring the right data access at the right level securely on Azure Analysis Services.
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Securing Data Access with Okera: Adaptive Security Plane with nScale™ Pattern

This post continues our discussion about how to secure data access on the modern enterprise analytics platform. This blog will be focused on access control enforced through a separate data access service, called Okera’s Adaptive Security Plane…and it comes with a new cutting edge twist!
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Security Doesn’t Need to Slow You Down

Organizations these days are drowning in data – from web analytics, marketing campaigns, IoT events, HR data, and more. However, making effective use of this data for business purposes is still something of an unsolved challenge, in major part due to the need to provide access to this data in a secure and responsible way. 
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Okera and Microsoft: Better-Together Partners for Modern Data Solutions

Microsoft has become strategic to Okera and our customers, and we continue to leverage more of the Microsoft technology stack
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Fine Grained Access Control on Azure Databricks using Okera

Today, I’d like to show you how to use Okera for dynamic row-, column-, and cell-level security tightly coupled with Databricks Spark on Microsoft Azure.
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Secure Data Access Software: To Build or To Buy?

If you’re thinking of building your own custom access control solution, read this first. For most large enterprises not in the business of information technology (IT), the question is largely not a reasonable one at all.
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