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New Release: De-identification for ABAC, No-Code Policy Builder

As I prepared to write this blog about Okera’s latest release, it seemed almost disingenuous not to acknowledge all the

A Practical Guide to Data Obfuscation

One thing I have learned working with Big Data, and Hadoop in particular, over the last thirteen years is that
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Okera Raises $15 Million, Names Nick Halsey as CEO

ClearSky leads investment, Patrick Heim and Tim Eades join the Okera board. Okera announced today that the company has raised $15
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Securing Data Access on the Modern Enterprise Analytics Platform

The modern enterprise data analytics platform is sophisticated, which means ensuring secure access to the data is complex. It requires
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Okera Enhances Automatic Discovery of Sensitive Data Using Machine Learning

Okera announced today version 2.0 of its secure data access platform. The new version uses machine learning to enhance the
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Hive Bucketing vs Partitioning

Bucketing in Hive – Implementing Hive Bucketing With Okera

Apache Hive is an open-source data warehouse system used to query and analyze large datasets. Data in Apache Hive can
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Meet Okera at Strata Data & AI Business Summit

EDITED MARCH 6TH: O’Reilly Media has announced they will be postponing the Strata Data & AI San Jose event due to
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