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Okera on AWS Marketplace: Enhanced Data Access for the Modern Analytics Platform

I’m excited to announce a new milestone in our partnership with AWS: the Okera secure data access platform is now available and transactable on the AWS Marketplace.

Scaling Data Governance: Decentralize and Conquer

In 2003 and 2004, Google – arguably the largest data-driven company at that time – released the seminal papers on
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Okera & Domino: Speeding Business Outcomes with Data Science

The potential for data and analytics to radically change the way businesses operate is arguably limitless.
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Okera & Collibra Integration: Unleashing value between business governance and data platform teams

The modern data platform has come a long way in terms of democratizing analytics, but it still fails to deliver on the complete enterprise data governance and protection strategy.
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Automating Policy Management with the Collibra Data Catalog

The enterprise data catalog is a powerful tool for any data-driven organization.
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Why ClearSky Invested in Okera – The Enterprise Needs a “Data Firewall”

Aside from being a hacker, consultant, pen tester, and working for two security startups, I had the honor of leading security at Dropbox, Salesforce, Kaiser Permanente, and McKesson.
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Securing Data Access with Okera: Proxy Pattern

Earlier this year, my esteemed colleagues Nong and Itay published a post titled Securing Data Access on the Modern Enterprise Analytics Platform.
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