Data Privacy and Compliance

Go beyond regulatory compliance and take a holistic approach to data privacy management.

Go Beyond Regulatory Compliance

While GDPR, CCPA, and similar regulations may be a source of apprehension for data-driven organizations trying to build personalized customer experiences, they should instead be viewed as an opportunity to adapt for the future. Safeguarding customers’ sensitive information ultimately builds trust and brand loyalty, and for that, enterprises need a truly modern architecture that can scale and support current and any future regulations.

The Okera platform supports the governance of petabyte-scale data lakes, with access policies enforced dynamically and consistently across all analytics tools. Accelerate and simplify the path to a data platform that fast-tracks regulatory compliance and keeps data privacy central to its design.

Define and enforce all policies centrally

Okera exists as a single source of truth for data access policies that can be applied consistently and transparently across all data and all analytics tools. Policy enforcement happens at run-time, and therefore eliminates the need to create and store multiple copies of a single dataset for different access use cases.

Author policies without code

Protection of sensitive data should be handled by security and governance professionals – those who understand the intricacies of privacy regulations and the enterprise’s own data privacy policies. The Okera policy builder allows them to author data access policies without writing code.

Implement privacy by design

Data stewards can create fine-grained access policies for any use case with Okera’s sophisticated de-identification types, which include data masking, redaction, tokenization, and even differential privacy. Okera can also filter data on access with whitelists or blacklists in order to satisfy the “right to be forgotten.”

Prove compliance with built-in reports

Okera’s detailed, user-centric reporting provides information about which users are accessing specific types of tagged data and through which tools. This can help prove regulatory compliance if needed, and also inform smart policy decisions.

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