The digital transformation era. Hot trend – but who’s succeeding and how?

Companies today understand that modern technologies can change how they operate for the better.

Data-driven insights producing new revenue streams, serving improved customer experiences, building innovative products, and creating competitive edge are the drivers for a digital transformation journey.

But with many new data sources emerging at scale, how can you make sure you’re headed in the right direction?

Some problem areas are:

  • Analytical data stores are silo’d
  • Rogue or forgotten data sets and fractured data governance
  • Data security risks in a distributed analytic environment

In the worst cases, companies can pay a heavy price if sensitive data is not protected.

So how to do you win?

In this white paper by Mike Ferguson, Managing Director at Intelligent Business Strategies, breaks down:

  • The impact of digital transformation on data
  • Primary problems in analytics today
  • Key requirements for governing access to data
  • How to use Okera to govern access to a distributed analytical environment