Be Data Driven

The companies that survive the next decade will learn how to responsibly use sensitive data faster and better than their competitors.

Use cases for trusted analytics and machine learning

There are countless analytics and machine learning use cases that are meant to benefit your customers, patients, and citizens. But how do you build trust that you are using sensitive data responsibly?

With Okera, you can dynamically grant or deny access to sensitive data based on the query and context, with masking and tokenization so you can aggregate and join data even when it’s been de-identified.

Have confidence in your ability to use sensitive data for the following use cases

Behavior Modeling for Automation

Churn Prevention

Customer Segmentation

Demand Forecasting

Early Disease Identification

Data Classification & Clustering

Fraud Detection

Genetic Profiling

Lifetime Value Prediction

Personalized Recommendation Engine

Predictive Analytics

Targeted Advertising

Okera is optimized for the cloud-powered enterprise, enabling data-driven organizations to be more agile while protecting the business, its customers, and partners from misusing data that is proprietary, sensitive, or PII.

Data Science On-Demand

With consistent data authorization from Okera, data scientists can get on with the job you hired them to do, which is harnessing your data to drive the business forward.

Stop wasting valuable time engineering and provisioning one-off data sets for narrow use cases.

Give data scientists the ability to use their preferred tools, and dynamically and securely grant access to data where it lives.

Data-Sharing and Data Products

As data-driven companies mature, they often adopt a collaborative or entrepreneurial approach to data. Knowing the value of what they have, they want to share selected data with other business units, partners, and supply chain vendors, or create products out of their data and analytics.

With consistent data authorization, you can keep data in-place and under your control, share it responsibly, and audit and measure utilization.

Accelerate Data Delivery

Share data responsibly across teams and grow data-driven initiatives. Quickly and consistently secure sensitive data.