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See the Okera platform in action, and hear from key members of the Okera team about market trends, problems we solve, and more


Okera Spotlight

Hear the story behind Okera Spotlight and see a demo for actionable data lake insights

Okera for Azure Data Lakes

See how to use Okera to discover and protect sensitive data on Azure data lakes

Okera for Access Control

See how to use Okera to create fine-grained access control policies.

Okera for Consent Management

See how to use Okera to manage users' consent for the use of their data.

Okera Policy Builder

See how to create access control policies with Okera's visual policy builder.

CEO Perspective - Nong Li

Challenges to the Enterprise Data Platform

What is inhibiting enterprises from building a better business platform with new technology? Consistency in policy enforcement.

Evolution of the Modern Data Platform

Consistent policy enforcement for advanced analytic tools is only going to get harder.

The Current State of Enterprise Data Security & Access Control

How are enterprises currently managing data security? Not that well: either slowly or with redundancies.

Metadata in the Big Data Environment

Splitting data from its metadata allows for scalability and flexibility, but has huge implications for security.

Data Warehouses vs. Data Lakes

The future of enterprise data storage is in data lakes, possibly with certain applications staying in an on-prem warehouse.

What Inspired You to Start Okera?

CEO Nong Li's perspective on why he believed there was a need for a company like Okera.

CTO Perspective - Amandeep Khurana

What Problem does Okera Solve?

Data security is a problem that stretches beyond the platform at hand; policy must be consistently applied across all platforms.

Enterprise Infrastructure Evolution

Enterprises using the cloud for infrastructure is becoming more mainstream, but a hybrid and multi-cloud approach is likely the final destination.

Security in the Data Center vs. in the Cloud

Because the cloud allows for heterogeneity of platforms and workload engines, data security becomes a more complex issue than in the data center.

Data Privacy in the Era of Regulation

Data privacy is not a new concept, but what recent regulations have introduced is the concept of consumers' consent to use their data.

Protecting Sensitive Data

Protecting sensitive data is really about protecting the value of your company's brand.

What Inspired You to Start Okera?

CTO Amandeep Khurana's perspective on why he believed there was a need for a company like Okera.

Executive Perspectives

Is Data an Asset or a Liability? CMO

CMO R. Paul Singh explains why enterprises often suffer brand value damage from using data, and how Okera helps to prevent that.

What Attracted You to Okera? VP of Sales

VP of Sales Ravi Ramachandran explains the problem he saw in the market and how he thinks Okera solves it.

What Unique Problems does Okera Address? VP of Sales

VP of Sales Ravi Ramachandran explains the problems Okera addresses and how their approach strategically addresses projected market trends.