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Be data driven.
Use data responsibly.

Accelerate innovation while preventing inappropriate access to confidential, personally identifiable, and regulated data.

It’s time for universal data authorization

You need external data authorization for the same reasons you no longer manage usernames and passwords directly in your software applications: consistency, clarity, and scale.

Safely expand your analytics and data science practices

Your data scientists shouldn’t need to wait 9 months to get access to the data in their tools of choice. Reduce the expense and risk of redundant copies and rogue data, and stop wasting valuable time provisioning one-off data sets for narrow use cases.
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Get the green light on a data monetization or data sharing product

Your data is a valuable commodity, one that you can potentially monetize or share with other business units, partners, and supply chain vendors. With universal data authorization, you can keep data in place and under your control, share it responsibly, and audit and measure utilization.
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Take control of murky data lakes

Modern data lakes promise the world in innovation, but can also open up a lot of questions around governance, such as: Who owns the data? What security measures will protect the data? How do you safely open up access to data without slowing down time to value?
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Modernize data access policies during your cloud migration journey

Migrating business-critical applications to the cloud offers a chance to streamline processes, cut costs, and optimize for data sourcing, but also presents a tremendous effort in terms of change management and potentially increased risk of being breached. By implementing universal data authorization with full visibility and data usage intelligence as the backbone of your modern data platform, you can simplify the journey to the cloud and dramatically minimize the associated risks.
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Write a policy once. Express it consistently everywhere. No one else does this.

Okera provides a common set of authorization policies that will be applied in the same way, no matter where the data lives or how you access and analyze it.

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Universal Policy Management

Simplify and standardize powerful fine-grained access control policies. Write once, apply anywhere

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Dynamic Policy Authorization

Enforce data security and privacy policies with every query. Simple, fast, and reliable.

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Data Usage Intelligence

Accelerate compliance reporting. Know who has access to sensitive data and when they used it.

Centralize, simplify, and scale fine-grained data access control

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Be More Data-Driven

Did you know that 88% of the Fortune 500 firms that existed in 1955 are gone? The biggest and most successful companies are tech-savvy, and data is the fuel that energizes them.

Learn how universal data authorization can help your business survive and thrive.

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Protect Enterprise Data

A recent survey estimates that 76% of U.S. employees have inappropriate access to applications and data. You can’t simply pay to restore customer trust when sensitive data is exposed.

Learn how universal data authorization protects your employees and partners from using data inappropriately

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See how you can accelerate innovation and satisfy regulatory and security requirements. 

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