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Speed legitimate data access while bolstering your security defenses, serving the right data – to the right people – in the right format – at the right time.

We help companies provision, secure, and govern the world’s most sensitive data at scale.

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Ensuring Secure Data Access Is Complicated

Industry leaders and practitioners agree that complexity is the enemy of security, and companies need to be able to understand the data they have, and protect it from access by the wrong people. Protecting mission critical operations, while being able to use your data allows you to accelerate digital transformation. Hear top industry leaders weigh in on the challenges.

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The Okera platform is designed to support a variety of security and data roles. Select your role below, to see how Okera can help you!

Data Leader

Your teams need data now to do their jobs. Some have data freely while others are completely blocked and neither serves the business appropriately.

Learn how Okera provides Secure Data Access

IT Leader

Your organization recently moved or has plans to move to the cloud. Will your data be protected in the process?

Avoid False Starts

Security Leader

“Zero access, that’s where you start.” This is what Jonathan Sander, Snowflake CTO said in an Airside keynote. “The whole exercise is to find a way to give access.”

Learn how Okera gives access, the smart and secure way

Centralize, simplify, and scale fine-grained data access control

Leverage data to accelerate growth while protecting your most precious assets…sensitive data. Okera provides a common set of authorization policies that will be applied in the same way, no matter where the data lives or how you access and analyze it.

Discover Sensitive Data

Okera’s data discovery and technical metadata catalog capabilities give you full and automatic visibility into what data you have and how much of it is sensitive.

Control Data Access

Self-service experience for data stewards to create and manage fine-grained data access control policies.

Policy Enforcement

Apply fine-grained data access control policies dynamically and consistently across all analytic tools.

Audit Data Usage

Answer the important questions about who is using your data and for what purpose, so you can feel confident that least privilege access is followed.


Okera gave me back a level of control that I had back in the days of Sharepoint. Business users now manage data access control down to the individual cell – which has never been done before. As an R&D Team, those capabilities are very, very exciting given their acceleration and impact upon drug innovation.

Associate Director of Data Integration Services, F500 pharmaceutical company

We were very impressed with the support Okera provided in the evaluation phase and how quickly they helped us migrate to a production environment. Now we can expand our data lake without worrying about access control or meeting any governance and regulatory challenges.

VP of IT , F500 healthcare company

With Okera, we save millions of dollars per year in AWS service fees and data engineering costs and billions on GDPR and other regulatory exposure. Most importantly, we now have the agility to pursue new business opportunities that we could not have achieved otherwise.

Engineering Director of Analytics Platform, F500 apparel manufacturer

Okera’s data authorization solution with fine-grained access control enables us to open our data for analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Without worrying about who is accessing data when and where, we’re able to accelerate innovation to be a true data-driven company.

Assaf Liebstein

Senior Data Platform Engineer, Yotpo - eCommerce Marketing Platform

Industry Accolades
Fast Company 2021 Most Innovative Companies 2021 Honoree
datanami 2021 editors choice awards
Intellyx 2021 Digital Innovator Award
Evanta 2020 Global CISO Summit Innovation Spotlight Winner

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