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Universal Data Authorization

Dynamically authorize and audit data access to take control of data security, data privacy, and regulatory compliance.

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The Missing Piece of Data Governance is Here:
Universal Data Authorization

It’s time to really take control of data access so your business can move forward with SPEED AND confidence.

Migrating to a cloud data lake or cloud data warehouse? Okera is your cloud data security expert. Okera can safely activate your data where it lives for almost any data use case, including self-service analytics, data science, and cross-functional and external data sharing.

With Okera, you can assure the CISO and Chief Privacy Officer that you’re complying with evolving data security requirements and data privacy regulations.

Okera operates in production for the world’s biggest and most demanding enterprises. Okera is highly adaptable, scalable, super fast, and API-first to support key integrations.

Introducing the
Okera Dynamic Access Platform

Policy Builder

Write once, apply anywhere. Okera simplifies and standardizes fine-grained access control and data privacy transformations for you.

Dynamic Policy Enforcement

Apply data security and privacy policies to every data access request — at enterprise speed and data lake scale.

Active Metadata Management

Automatically monitor and tag sensitive data with machine learning. Integrate Okera with your enterprise Data Discovery tool or use ours.

Centralized Auditing & Reporting

Speed up governance reporting. Know who has been granted access to sensitive and private data and how and when they use it.

Industry Awards

Datanami 2020 Editors' Choice 2020 Award for Data Science, AI, and Advanced Analytics for Okera
Evanta 2020 Global CISO Summit Innovation Spotlight Winner for Okera

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