Data Lake Security: Fine-grained Access Control & Governance

Increase access, ensure data protection, and monitor usage at scale across heterogeneous data platforms.

Okera enables governance and auditability of your data at scale

The Okera Active Data Access Platform provides powerful access, data lake security and governance capabilities. It integrates easily and rapidly with data lake implementations, enabling your organization to secure all data held in and accessed from your data lake.


While flexibility is a key benefit offered by data lakes, it is also a potential source of vulnerability due to the diversity of data held. Okera’s Active Data Access Platform provisions data to users with an easy-to-use abstraction of datasets for structured data while unstructured data can be easily controlled at the file level. Users can consume these datasets using their preferred tools without having to deal with the underlying physical systems, data layouts and formats.

By implementing the Okera Active Data Access Platform, data consumers, data producers, and data stewards can easily request, grant, and manage access rights at different granularities–rows, columns and even individual cells for structured data and at the file level for unstructured data. The platform also enables dynamic obfuscation including anonymization, pseudonymization (tokenization), redaction, and masking of data on the fly -- as well as attribute-based access control.

For any big data technology solution to be considered secure, you must be able to monitor data usage by each individual, and to produce a complete audit trail at scale. Okera’s Active Data Access Platform secures your data lake through its ability to monitor data usage by each individual, and to produce a complete audit trail at scale. Okera also ensures data lake security through obtaining a clear view of who has access to what data at any point in time.