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Justify Data Lake Investment

Gain actionable insights to move forward with your data lake project

All data lake owners desire to improve the lake – whether by making it more secure and compliant, optimizing for performance and cost, or helping data consumers to be successful by onboarding new applications and datasets. All involved stakeholders, from the data platform team to the data governance team, need actionable insights into the activity surrounding the data lake: which users and tools are accessing it, and if there is any compliance risk involved due to the amount and types of sensitive data being accessed.

Okera Spotlight helps solve this problem by automatically discovering sensitive data and capturing activity across all analytics tools. It provides usage information and important metrics such as top users and top applications for holistic insights into data lake activity.

Understand the sensitive data in your data lake

Okera Spotlight’s built-in crawler will automatically discover the location of any sensitive data, giving the governance team the insights they need to take appropriate action. The information surfaced by the crawler can also be used to understand the scope of the sensitive data that lives in the data lake, and how often it’s been queried by users in different departments.

Understand who is accessing sensitive data

Insights provided by Okera Spotlight can be used by data governance and privacy professionals to determine their current risk exposure – which tools, applications, and users are accessing highly confidential data – and assess whether or not their current data security and access control solutions are satisfactory.

Understand which datasets are getting the most use

Data lakes need to be continually optimized to serve the enterprise’s changing needs. Okera Spotlight’s data lake insights will help the platform team determine which regularly accessed datasets should be optimized, which datasets are unneeded duplicates, and which ones are not being used and should be deleted.

Understand which tools and users are accessing the data lake

Everyone involved in the continued success of the data lake wants to understand how the data is being used, who is accessing it, and which analytics tools are being used. By analyzing audit logs from AWS CloudTrail alongside dataset content from Amazon S3, Okera Spotlight provides a holistic view of data lake contents and activity.